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apply to megamind

Our Process

At Mega Mind Tutor Centre, we provide students with private school quality education along with an outstanding support system. In a continued effort to both maintain and improve the centre as a whole, we take our intake process very seriously. Below are the steps that each applicant would need to go through before being accepted at Mega Mind.

Step 1

Each applicant would need to fill out the generic application form supplied by Mega Mind Tutor Centre. This enables us to generate a better understanding of the applicants background, skills and any other information that could be detrimental to the student or parent(s).

StepĀ 2

We will then review your application and if we feel that you would be the right fit for Mega Mind and that Mega Mind would be the right fit for you, you will be requested to complete a Maths and English Proficiency Test.

Step 3

Once you have completed the Proficiency test, your results will be reviewed by us. The next phase would involve a one-on-one type Q&A session with the applicant as well as their parent(s) to see whether Mega Mind is a fit for them and vice versa. This is detrimental in the application process so both parties can get a better understanding of each other and iron out any points of concern or air any other questions.

Welcome to Mega Mind

Congratulations! If you have progressed past the interview and are successful in your application, you are officially welcomed to the Mega Mind family as a student in the next intake. We treat our students with respect, dignity and provide the support they rightfully deserve so they can succeed.


We wish you the best for 2018!